DGI Plans to Create the Most Rewarding Gaming Economy in Web3

Interactive gaming is becoming grander, and crypto-powered game-fi ecosystems are its most prominent growth agents. One platform that has been facilitating groundbreaking solutions in this space is DGI. Its token, DGI, is available on major exchanges like Uniswap,, Bitget, and MEXC. The platform aims to pioneer a democratized gaming economy for all gamers, not just the highly skilled and experienced ones. 

Unlocking the Future of Gaming Income for All

The world of Game-Fi stands at the intersection of entertainment and earning. While games entertain, the gaming token acts as fuel in running a win-win economy where gamers get their share in the most optimized way possible. 

DGI, which stands for Decentralized Gaming Income Token, started in 2023 with the vision of integrating the gaming income derived from Guilds’ Net income, offering its holders a steady monthly revenue through staking. This year, DGI is taking the next step forward by helping to build a thriving gaming community that will be a confluence of thousands of gamers from across the globe. 

However, DGI’s ambitions extend beyond building a thriving players’ community. It is also committed to enhancing the providers’ side of the industry by creating and acquiring new and exciting games. Once both sides are robust, DGI plans to distribute staggering rewards, with half of the gaming revenue going to DGI token holders. DGI’s estimates suggest that staking token holders could receive tens of millions in monthly rewards. 

Overall, DGI will always be the gateway to the platform’s success, and the token comes with exceptional technological benefits.

The DGI Token: Enhancing the Standards by Embracing AI

What sets DGI Token’s blockchain model apart is the prudent utilization of AI. In this AI-powered model, anyone can participate in the game development process simply by describing the type of assets, interactions, and behaviors. The AI launchpad then generates production-ready code based on these descriptions. 

Presently, the guild has three high-performing games. Essentially, the entire community benefits from the process of game development. The DGI token is the tool that ensures this distribution with a total supply of 1 billion, with 80% earmarked for liquidity, 10% for CEX listing in multi-sig wallets, and the remaining 10% as community incentives and airdrops. 

While DGI tokens are tools for accessing rewards, the platform’s core economy is built on games, with Big Time being its one of the most successful games. 

Big Time’s Success 

Big Time is not just a testament to DGI’s success but also one of the most successful and adopted games in the Web3 space. It ranks among the top revenue-producing play-to-earn games globally, with over US$100 million in NFT sales and numerous awards in the GamFi sector. It is also one of the most streamed web games on Twitch. 

From its very early days of inception, DGI has realized the importance of building a wholesome ecosystem where everyone can make profits. It supports this vision with a well-laid-out revenue plan bolstered by its gains from gaming and staking. 

The Ecosystem that is the Basis of it All

Recently, the platform has strengthened its gaming ecosystem by partnering with five entities, acquiring three, and developing three more. The company believes these actions would not only expand the platform’s portfolio but will also allow it to inject its ‘unique brand of player-centric innovation into every aspect of gameplay. ‘ 

DGI plans to distribute 50% of its revenue through its staking mechanism, and the staking revenue will only increase as it keeps partnering with and acquiring existing games and launching in-house games. 

Incorporating AI will only expand its scope and revenue when anybody is able to create new professional-quality games efficiently, each of which would share revenue with the DGI community.

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