EthaVerse Announced New Updates With Enhanced Safety Features

EthaVerse, the revolutionary metaverse project, is causing a stir within the crypto community with its recent breakthroughs and unwavering commitment to transparency. Pioneering a new era in digital ecosystems, EthaVerse has successfully completed 2 phases of its ambitious project and now the presale phase before CEX listings is live. The listing price will be 5X of the presale price. EthaVerse is also bringing new safety features and updates.

The company has obtained all necessary security and verified certificates on reputable sites, showcasing its commitment to upholding honesty and safety. As a token of appreciation to presale buyers, EthaVerse has 5X the number of free NFTs they will receive, adding even more value to their investments.

Looking toward the future, EthaVerse has an impressive lineup of upcoming plans. These include Dex listing, NFT listing, CEX listing, expanded marketing efforts, the development of EthaWorld and EthaSwap, and more exciting giveaways and engagements. The company is committed to continuously enhancing the EthaVerse experience for our community.

In the words of one of the company’s key representatives, “All presale buyers will be rewarded with not one, but 5 times the number of free NFTs as a special bonus. EthaVerse has been thoroughly vetted and verified on CoinMarketCap, a highly respected platform for crypto projects. Join EthaVerse today and unlock a world of endless possibilities.”

EthaVerse is ready to reshape the metaverse landscape, offering an immersive and exciting experience for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike. Join the team on this incredible journey and be a part of the future of digital ecosystems.

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About EthaVerse

EthaVerse is a Virtual World powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Ethaverse is a Virtual World powered by the Ethereum blockchain. On the other hand, EthaVerse provides a single platform for all your cryptocurrency requirements. In the EthaVerse, users can connect with others, enjoy fun events, and even earn money by sharing their life experiences through VR glasses. The key idea of EthaVerse is to bring people into the digital universe, enable them to do in the virtual world what they can do in the physical world, and make the world more easy and accessible regardless of your place of residence.

EthaVerse offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your cryptocurrency needs! In the context of EthaWorld, users will have access to a variety of rooms that serve their crypto needs, including token swapping, participation in new crypto projects, and the use of our advanced artificial intelligence (AI). It’s an exciting opportunity to explore the possibilities of the EthaVerse ecosystem.

Ethaverse consists of five parts. EthaWorld, EthaSwap, EthaLaunchPad, EthApp, and Etha Apes NFT collection. When you become part of the EthaVerse ecosystem. You will be able to use VR glasses to meet your friends in EthaWorld. With EthaSwap, you can trade your tokens securely. With EthaLaunchPad, you will be able to support new projects and benefit from privileges by owning the $ETHA token and Etha Apes NFT collection.

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